Building Project

Our Vision

Our vision is to exemplify the charitable spirit of our community by providing a nutrition safely net for those in need. We have grown so much! Our community has grown and the number of clients we are serving has more than doubled over the past 5 years. We NEED more space to effectively and efficiently distribute food to support this growth!

​This NEW food bank building will help us expand from our current 900 square feet distribution site, to a building big enough to store and process incoming food and serve the more than 3,000 clients a month comfortably. This NEW building will not only provide food security to the Lake Stevens Community, but with careful planning from our community members it is designed to enable us to collaborate with other entities that will help provide the community, including our veterans, desperately needed social services.

This building is strategically located on the eastside of Hewitt Ave Trestle and next to the future site of the Snohomish County Fire Dept Headquarters. This location brings resiliency to the East Snohomish County area in the event of another pandemic or natural disaster. This building is not just about food, it is about providing stability and an area for the community to sustain itself.

Building Fund