Oct 2022 Director’s Report

Hey all!

Hi all!
We had six food drives for the month that brought in $2,650.19 in cash, $65 in gift cards and 5,645 pounds of food.
Up 18.8% from September, we served 5,151 individuals in 1,902 families. The number served is up 44.7% from October

  1. This month broke the record that was broken last month. We received 88,444 pounds of food through donations, government commodities, grocery store food rescue, food drives and purchases. 77,201 pounds of food were served for the month. 90 volunteers donated 823 hours of service valued at $13,735.87
    October was a very busy month with prepping for Thanksgiving and Christmas Distribution. We held a lot of food drives to try and be prepared, but still had to purchase a lot of food. In the past, VOA would give us a lot of turkeys to give out.
    This year, they gave us 48 whole turkeys and a bunch of chicken. To be able to provide turkey meals for the majority of the families we serve, we purchased 250 turkeys with our EFSP money. Since we just received the annual gift cards from the SAARS Settlement, we are going to use those funds to purchase the remaining Christmas items from them.
    Each year we are selected and apply for a grant through Haggen. Throughout a portion of September and October, Haggen was collecting money at the registers with us as the recipients from the Lake Stevens location. We were notified that we will be receiving $13,000 from this.
    Looking forward to the number of people we are serving versus the amount of food we are receiving from VOA and
    Food Lifeline; I plan to apply for a lot more money with EFSP, which is distributed by United Way.

    Respectfully submitted,

Anthony Hawley