February 2021 Director’s Report

    February 2021 Director’s Report

    Reflecting a great need in our community, the food bank continues to serve more than twice as many families and individuals as we did at this time last year. In February, we served 3,780 individuals and 1,245 families. Thirty-eight of the families were new households receiving food for the first time.

    The food bank pursued and is receiving 300 boxes a week from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farmers to Families Food Box program. Over 50 million food boxes have been distributed to support American farmers and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are happy to be part of this effort.

    We will welcome John Gilbert as our new warehouse manager next month. He has been a long-time volunteer with the Lake Stevens and Granite Falls food banks. We will be grateful for John’s expertise.

    On a sad note, one of our favorite long-time volunteers, Mary Jean (also known lovingly as “Grandma”), passed away this month. Mary Jean was Susan Reick’s grandmother; Susan is our food drive coordinator and volunteered with her grandmother at the Ebenezer distribution for many years. Mary Jean will be missed and we offer our deepest condolences to Susan and her family on their loss.   

    In an effort to make the food bank accessible to all Lake Stevens residents, we continue to serve food at four different locations every week: Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Lake Stevens Assembly of God, Calvary Chapel of Lake Stevens, and The Lake Church. For details, please visit our website: lakestevensfoodbank.org.