May 2022 Director’s Report

Hey all!

We had three food drives for the month that brought in $1,238.08, $125 in gift cards and 1,687 pounds of food.
Up 13.5% from April, we served 3,844 individuals in 1,181 families. The number served is up 19.6% from May 2021.
We purchased milk, eggs, and yogurt from Weigelts for $1,828.26. The poundage for our purchased food was 1,785
pounds. We also received 64,611 pounds of food through donations, government commodities, grocery store food
rescue, and food drives. 59,598 pounds of food were served for the month.
134 volunteers donated 975 hours of service valued at $16,272.75.
May was the annual “Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive” put on by USPS. This drive brought in 8,346 pounds of food.
As of May 14th, John Gilbert, our warehouse manager is no longer working here. We have posted his job to our Facebook
page and are working on setting up an account with WorkSource to get it posted there as well. In the meantime, we
have added Tammy, our operations manager, to the VOA grant, as this is a “use it or lose it” grant.
*ECEAP is done for the summer and the meal program will resume after the break.

Respectfully Submitted,

Anthony Hawley