August 2021 Director’s Report

    August 2021 Director’s Report

    August 2021, we served 2560 individuals in 923 families. this is a decrease from a year ago of 515 individuals and 30 less families, in August 2020, we served 3075 individuals in 953 families.  39% of the individuals we serve are children from infants to 18 years of age. 40% of who we serve are their parentsand other adults and 21% of who we serve are the elderly and disabled.  

    As people get on their feet, they can stop using our services,despite the decreasing numbers, last month we had 322 families come through our doors for the first time.    Each service provided each family an average of 75lbs each of food.   We had 17 days of service.

    Amazon Smile donations for the quarter were $129.89

    There were two food drives, the first, August 3rd brought in $759.18 and the second on August 18 brought in $459.68.  Thank you to our awesome Food Drive coordinator volunteer Susan Reick and her crew.

    There were two fundraising events at Meatheads   Chief O’Brian tended bar and donated his tips on August 5th and the fabulous Malicious Women crew came the 26th sold product and a special food bank candle and donated their tips for the day.  They set a goal of $2000.00 for our building fund.

    We have agreed to be a referring partner with “Unite Us” this is a resource and referral list through the health care/hospitals in our state, not only will we be listed, and other agencies can refer their clients to our programs, we will be able to refer clients to others and be able to follow up in support of those whom we refer.

    We were blessed with the beautiful singing voice of Hannah Eyre who has been volunteering at our Ebenezer location over the summer, she sang to our clients as we loaded their vehicles with their groceries, lightening everyone’s burden and making Thursdays distributions a joyful experience for clients and volunteers alike.   She also performed at the August 25th Lake Stevens Farmers Market promoting our food bank from the stage while our volunteer’s shared information on our food bank to the crowds who stopped by our booth, shopping and enjoying the music she provided. We were able to share our progress on the new building and sell t-shirts and tumblers to benefit the building fund.  We are grateful to Jordan Thompson the sound man who cut his family vacation short to do the sound for her performance.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Stephanie McMillen Sherry